Our Label Analytics Solution is a cloud based software as a service system for end to end product life cycle management and analytics for fast and easy IT setup and integration.

The ‘LIP’ offers brands, premium manufacturers, and their partners efficient integration and global implementation of fixed and mobile product services across the entire product lifecycle. Through our enabling module in our LIP a product becomes a unique and authentic customer experience.

The platform allows precise and secure control over the digital serialization of products during the production process, as well as easily configurable and mobile applications and services for product and marketing managers, retailers, and consumers.

Our Cloud is Software as a Service for intelligent products, simply to use with your browser. It is highly hardware and software independent and accompanies the whole product life cycle. Special modules enable products to be smart, track & trace each individual product through supply chain to consumer end and deliver services and added values for all user parties.

Our Cloud Platform “LIP” is easy to use due to a simple “subscription model”. The fee model is adjusted only by little number of parameters. The setup can be done in minutes and it offers full usability from the beginning highly independent from existing software. Certain functionalities are working even “stand alone”. You can use it from source tagging to consumer interaction.

Our cloud based LIP smart product services are ready to use, quick to deploy and delivers business intelligence for a minimum of cost. Over 80% reusable software code lowers cost and time to market significantly.

The flexible scriptable structure let you design the system you need, and benefit from the best-of-class know-how of our partner network. It serves all kind of trigger technologies: NFC, RFID, QR-Code, Hidden Images, many others. All data are stored on secure servers under german privacy law regulations.

Cloud Platform


The source tagging part delivers a global “on demand” encoding & imprint service for smart product enabling. It delivers together with our digital reference ID and global serialization standards as SGTIN the base for services and added values along the product journey.


Graymarket and Fake Products are a big threat for brand’s profit and IP. The track & trace part of our LIP controls the product journey and alarms in critical cases. It supports the brand’s profit protection programs by giving the control back to the brand owner.


A strong part of the LIP is the analytics, delivering valuable informations on KPIs as conversion rates, unique tap rates and others to control the success of your supply chain and marketing activities. Our cloud services improves the performance of your business significantly.


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