The AM product line consists AM label, hard tags and systems. Find out more about our range and their advantages.

Acousto Magnetic – AM is a traditional retail security technologie. It transmit 50-90 pulses per second at 58 kHz. It is a very reliable system with a long range signal. We offer customized AM label for every enviroment and application.

We also have a wide range of hard tags and AM antenna systems.

Acousto-magnetic EAS systems use a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected. The transmitter sends a radio frequency signal at a frequency of  58 KHz (thousand of cycles per second), but the frequency is sent in pulses. The transmit signal energizes a tag in the surveillance zone. When the transmit signal pulse ends, the tag responds, emitting a single frequency signal like a tuning fork. The tag signal is at about the same frequency as the transmitter signal.

While the transmitter is often between pulses, the tag signal is detected by a receiver. A microcomputer checks the tag signal detected by the receiver to ensure it is at the right frequency, occurs in time synchronized to the transmitter , at the proper level, and at the correct repetition rate. If the criteria is met, an alarm occurs

In order to use AM, you need AM label or tags and an AM antenna system which has to be connected to a power connection.   The frequency is always at 58 kHz. To unlock a hard tag or bottle tag a magnetic detacher is neede.

  • Reliable system
  • more range than RF systems

  • Inexpensive compared to RFID systems


The most secure AM security solution are hard tags. We offer hard tags in different sizes, shapes, colours with different performance and applications.


AM label for different applications.

Standard, with foam, with a plastic pouch or drop in.


Check out our new AM antenna range with the new AM Uranus 400 with a full plexi frame and the AM Saturn 400 P with a white ABS profile.


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