Hologram Company and Rako Security Label Produktsicherungs GmbH combine their compentencies and will become All4Labels Smart + Secure GmbH in 2020.

All4Labels Smart +Secure, the reference for product and brand protection, smart label design, proof of authenticity, track & trace, anti-theft security and consumer interaction.

Product piracy and theft are increasing dramactically worlwide. The costs for the economy and the damage of image for brands causing by products of lower qualities are difficult to asses.

In the past years the amount of common projects and inquiries from shared customers strongly rose.  The merger to All4Labels Smart + Secure will pay credit to a more complex demand from companies to secure, track and identify their products during the whole product life cycle at any given moment.

In the future producers with a variety of customers and a larger range of applications will need a combination of multiple security aspects in one label. Even now the demand for labels with optical and digital elements is advancing. A couple of years ago the Rako Label 4.0 combined for the first time Nanograme™, RFID, NFC, barcode and QR code in one label. Depending on the application and environment it will offer the best technical solution in one label..

Together with our parent corporation All4Labels Global Packaging Group we are offering you LIS Label Intelligence Solutions. The complete label service from a single source. Starting from consulting your project to producing the label, and offering you all the tools to take advantage oft he newest technology such as track & trace, cloud service, analytics, anti-theft security and consumer interaction.

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Hologram Company

Certified supplier with highest quality and security claim

The Hologram Company is one of the leading companies in the area of security technologies. They offer specific security concepts for global markts and industries. The Nanogram™-technology provides 100% forgery proof  and is the base for individual security solutions  for multible applications. Effective product and brand protection, as well as track & trace along the whole supply chain are the core competencies.

Rako Security Label Produktsicherungs GmbH

RAKO Security-Label GmbH is one oft he leading companies in the field of electronical article surveillance and smart-label-technology. We offer customized label, hard tags, hardware and software solutions. For industry applications we fullfil the VDA norm and provide auto ID solutions for the IATA holding organisation. Our NFC division ist constantly growing with numerous pilot projects and roll outs. The LIP – Label Intelligence Platform is a cloud based platform which offers remote access to hardware, analytics, track & trace.  Our LIS – Label Intelligence Solutions combines the know how of the All4Labels group to connect products smart and digital for global brand protection, consumer interaction and analytics.

We are connecting Brands and Consumers the Smart Way for intelligent life cycle management.

All4Labels Gobal Packaging Group

As the 3rd largest selfadhesive label producer world wide and the global leader in digital label printing the All4Labels Group is supplying international companies with innovative solutions from a single source. Through the strong local integration and the continuous expension of their global presence the group is a strong and reliable partner. With over 3000 employers at 25  locations  it is active in global developing markets for their customers. In 2016 the All4Labels Group generated a turnover of 450 millionen Euro.