The Euroshop 2020 was the first official appearance of the All4Labels Smart + Secure GmbH after
their merger of the Hologram Company GmbH and Rako Security-Label Produktsicherungs GmbH.
Since 2020 we are combining our competencies in the fields of auto ID solutions, brand protection
and anti-theft technologies.

Despite the lower numbers of visitors compared to previous Euroshop fairs it was a great success.
With the aid of our supply chain demo we were able to give our customers an understanding of the
advantages of real time smart product services. We used 4 stations to simulate the supply chain to
show the physical and digital product journey.

Starting with an incoming order we generated and printed a unique RFID label, with barcode and qr
code, right away. After printing the label the product journey took off from the factory to the
destination. On most stations we had two RFID readers installed for incoming and outgoing goods
along with cloud connected tablets to show the status change in real time. Customers were able to
scan with their smart phone the qr code or NFC tag to track the product.

Beside the track & trace function smart label offer planning certainty, theft and brand protection. In
addition we could score with the wide range of possibilities in consumer interaction. A qr code or NFC
tag offer consumers already before the purchase the opportunity to get to know more about the
product, signing up for a newsletter, showing matching products or to join a community. At our fair
demo customers found additional information about available sizes, colours and origin. After the final
purchase customers received a discount voucher for their next purchase.

The cloud connection covers changes in real time and provides a vast variety of analytics for
marketing purposed or optimizing the supply chain.

Find out more about our Label Intelligence Solutions (LIS) of brand protection, loss prevention, direct
to consumer marketing and new retail. We offer customized label according to your needs and
applications with RFID, NFC, Nanogram™ , qr code and barcode.

Demo film Smart Supply Chain