We are looking for speeding up your daily business. With our RFID hardware solutions, we can offer you a variety of products that complement each other and can be used in almost every enviroment and application.

Our DeskGuard is the highway for your cashier system. In less than one second you can transfer the products into your cashier system. Furthermore, our HoverGuard is directly linked with the DeskGuard and brings EAS and RFID together in one system. You do not need two different systems anymore.

Combined with our cloud, the LIP – Label Intelligence System, you can revolutionize your shop and your daily business.

With our RFID system, you can take advantage of many services and features RFID provides. Starting with possible source tagging at the factory, track and trace throughout the supply chain into the shop with easy inventory and advanced security features.

Check out our DeskGuard as reader, deactivator and activator of products. It accelerates your cashier system. With only one click you can transfer the products into your cashier system and with the linkage to the HoverGuard at the entrance of your shop, it gives the instruction of giving alarm or not.

With RFID retail systems you can reduce your out of stock situation and have a powerful tool to deliver your products just in time. The system takes care of never out of stock products automatically. It easy and fast to make an inventory of a whole shop including the shop warehouse in less than 4 hours. It is not only much faster, but also much more accurate.

Please contact us for more informations about the general advantages of our RFID solutions and how it can be implemented into your business.



The new patented RAKO RFID HoverGuard is an UHF over head antenna combining EAS and RFID functions in one system. This system works with multiple reusable UHF hard tags, sew in tags or hang tags using EPC Gen2 EAS chips. By using this antenna it is no longer necessary to install two technologies for using EAS and RFID functions in one single shop.

Ceiling antenna for EAS, logistics and statistics
combination of EAS and RFID in one system
open entrance area in the shop (no antennas on the floor)
continuous detection field
plug and play installation
possible application at several positions in the shop (entrance area,
backdoors, changing rooms)
special EAS development



The RAKO DeskGuard accelerates the cashier system. It is the linkage to the RAKO HoverGuard at the entrance area, with the instructions of giving alarm or not. It is also the link to our cloud solution LIP – Label Intelligence Platform. You can use it as RFID Reading Point at the cash desk as well as Deactivator or Reactivator for RFID EAS systems.

Frequency: 865 – 868 Mhz
Dimension: 300 mm x 300 mm
Colour: beige, black
Standard: EPCglobal Gen 2

Deactivating and reactivating of EAS
Fast and convenient bulk cashier system
Interface to existing cashier system
Easy & independant integration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On and under table construction
Works also stand-alone

The system can be used with reusable RFID hard tags as well as sewed or hang tags with a Standard EPC Gen2 Chip.



The RFID MatGuard Floorpatch offers world leading high-performance in vertical RFID UHF reading, designed for indoor and outdoor applications.

Size: 880mm x 460mm x 22mm
Weight: 5000g

Other dimensions and shapes (i.e.steep edges) on request.

IP 68 molded antenna housing
Plug-and-Play Installation on floor
easy and fast system implementation
drivable with vehicles
available with LED technology


902-928 MHz (FCC; NA, SA)
865.6-867.6 MHz (ETSI; EU)
865-867 MHz (MCIT; India)
917-920.8 MHz (KCC)

indoor and outdoor applications
harsh environmental applications
logistics & automotive
access control
sport applications



Our recommendation and most used RFID Reader is the RFD8500 from Zebra. It turns almost any mobile computer into a handheld RFID reader.

Add high-performance next generation RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning to the mobile devices of today and tomorrow — simply, easily and cost-effectively. Just pair the Bluetooth-enabled RFD8500 with a compatible Zebra or third-party mobile device and you’re ready to go. You can attach the mobile device to the RFD8500 sled for a complete one-piece solution — or workers can put the mobile device in a pocket and use the RFD8500 in standalone mode.


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